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Laser Tag At Church!

  • Youth Groups?
  • Buildings?
  • Woods?

Show the Kids and Young Adults, Something New and Exciting!

Laser Tag At Home!

  • Do you have a Yard?
  • Do you have Trees?
  • ​​Landscaping?
  • Pool?
  • Shed?

These are all good places and structures when it comes to a Battlefield!

Were can you play Laser Tag? Anywhere!


You can rent your own laser tag equipment for a whole weekend of fun! We will ship the care package to be delivered by Friday, or you can pick it up at our office. Then all you need to do is ship it back, or drop it off, on Monday! This is an excellent option if you want to play the games as often and as long as you want! ECombat of Central Mass has what you want you need to host your own epic party!

Laser Tag At Work!

  • Can you picture your Desk as a Bunker?
  • Company Outing?
  • ​Land Owned by your Company?
  • Team Building Indoors and Outdoors?
  • End of Year Function?

If you can Picture it We would Love to help Plan it!

Laser Tag In Your Woods!

  • Do you have woods?
  • Lots of Trees?
  • Stonewalls?
  • Hills?
  • Fields?

These are all acceptable places to carry out a Battle!


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Contact Us

ECombat Central Mass
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(508) 434-0564

We Have Done 100's of Laser Tag Parties and Events, Young and Old, Professional and Leisure, Let Us Bring Our Experience (And Laser Tag Equipment) to the Table on Your Next Company Outing, Party and Event! We are located anywhere you want us to be!​

ECombat New England
D.B.A ECombat Central Mass​
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