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How To Play

Team death match is the basic game of Red vs. Blue from which all other missions evolve. ECombat of Central Mass recommends that this be a game which you use to break the ice, get players into the swing of things, to see your battlefield and get used to the equipment.

How To Win

Beginner: The team with the least amount of respawns at the end of the game. Both teams have unlimited lives. 

Pro: The team with the most amount of players left alive. Both teams have a limited number of lives. 

Laser Tag Pricing for Hosted Events

Every Package Includes These Features

  • Players get to play 4 games of 15 minutes each
  • First 10 players
  • Players can choose any game type they want
  • Our own professional Laser Tag staff. 1-3 depending on party size. 
  • Enough Laser Tag equipment for everyone to play
  • We setup a fun HQ for plarty members to enjoy (wind permitting)

Extra's Can Be Added To Any Package

  • Smoke - $10 Each
  • Dog Tags - $2 Each
  • ​1 additional 15 minute game - $40
  • 4 additional 15 minute games - $110
  • 1 additional person - $15
  • 10 additional people - $100


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Laser Tag Game Varients

  • Includes Bravo
  • 2 Smoke Bombs


  • Includes only the basic's
  • Can add any extra's you want


  • Includes Alpha
  • Dog Tags for first 20 Players


  • Birthday's
  • Graduation
  • Bachelor
  • ​Family Reunions
  • Youth Groups
  • Boy Scout or Girl Scout
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Events
  • Whatever Reason You Have!



ECombat New England
D.B.A ECombat Central Mass​
Created by Greg Guertin Jr

How To Play

This game is a classic death match style with an added twist of VIP action. The Medic is the team’s lifeline, issued with a Medic Box he can move around and respawn players. The Medic has a small lightweight gun such as the M9 Pistol to ensure the Medic can still enjoy the game. Once the medic dies that team can no longer respawn. Your team can get extra points for killing the enemy medic

How To Win

Beginner: When players die they can move around to find the medic. The team with the most amount of players left alive wins. 

Pro: When players die they must remain on the ground waiting for the medic to respawn them. The players can shout for the medic. The team with the most amount of players left alive wins. 


  • Includes Charlie
  • 2 Additional Smoke Bombs (4 Total)
  • 1 Extra 15 Minute Game





Laser Tag Parties for the Sturbridge, MA, Area


Bring the excitement of military grade laser tag to you! Our laser tag guns are the most advanced laser tag guns on the market allowing you to play the games you love with your friends. We can handle parties up to 100 people! ECombat Central Mass mobile laser tag in Charlton. We pride ourselves in serving the greater Worcester and Springfield areas.


Contact Us

ECombat Central Mass
16A Worcester Rd
Charlton, MA 01507
(508) 434-0564

How To Play

Once players are familiar with the standard ECombat of Central Mass equipment and the various locations and features on your battlefield you can work in additional equipment to enhance your live combat games and recreate online computer gaming. Domination is a fast paced game, additional domination boxes can be used so that players are drawn around the field. You need to kill the enemy team members by the box to clear the area, then your team needs to move forward and be close to the domination box to get points.

How To Win

The winner in Domination is the team with the most amount of points around the domination box or boxes. 

  • Includes Delta
  • 1 Extra 15 Minute Game (2 Extra Games Total)