We heard you loud and clear! We now offer weekend rentals for our party goers that don't need one of our representatives hosting a party. This is a great way to have fun for the whole weekend rather than just a hour or two. We pack and ship the whole thing to you wherever you are!





We host the most epic events you'll have all year! We like to bring the idea of a fun military shooter to your home or party location of choice. By sending a fun and personable representative we get the party going by having the participants get down and dirty!

Ecombat Central Mass in Charlton

Located in Charlton, MA. Serving the greater Worcester and Springfield areas!

The most realistic game of laser tag you'll ever play!

ECombat Central Mass in Charlton, MA aims to provide the most authentic mobile laser tag experience ever! We are the leader in outdoor recreational activities in New England. You can use these guns inside or outside, you will never use this high quality of laser tag guns anywhere else in the USA! 

The laser tag guns we use come have incredible accuracy and range. Check out our showroom of our latest guns and schedule your next event today! ECombat of Central Massachusetts is your go to provider for the best Mobile Laser Tag events you will ever have!